I have to say I was shocked when Donald Trump was elected. I actually slept through the whole thing because I was fairly certain Hill had it in the bag!  How could she NOT triumph over this pompous, bigoted, realty TV, orange man!

Well… it went another way now didn’t it?!  Honestly I was only a little bit shocked.  What I truly felt was sadness.  I woke up to my daughters texts saying, “mom, mama, mom where are you? I can’t believe this is happening, mom where are you? I’m getting drunk now mom, call me!”  I was asleep… I had only got 3 hours of sleep the night before, so I was in bed at 6:30pm and sound asleep by 7pm.  So my baby girls text messages were the first thing I saw Wednesday morning. I turned on the TV immediately to see Hill giving her concession speech… I got very teary.  Not because I was completely devoted to Hillary Clinton becoming our President but because we elected Agent Orange… a misogynistic, bigoted, swindler.

So this is what I learned:

I believe our country is not yet ready to elect a woman… sad as that is, it’s probably true!  I believe the electoral college is still ruled by a “good ol’ boys club” mentality. Our country is NOT as open-minded and liberal as we would like. I live in a big emerald colored bubble, I live in the Pacific Northwest where we are liberal, open-minded, tolerant, accepting of others and of course high on the ganja and happy to be, ha!

I worry about the future of my children, my children’s children, and their children in a government that is decided by a handful of stagnant, non-progressive, intolerant man puppets. FUCK THE PATRIARCHY!  I’ve learned that nothing is impossible, that the most unbelievable and unthinkable things can and will happen, and what really matters in our lives is how we react and what we do next when the unexpected and unbelievable does happen.

We need to continue to support our own beliefs and strive to educate others about diversity, kindness, tolerance, and unity. Take care of our community, reach out to those in need and respect the abundance of resources and freedom we enjoy. Be diligent in our tolerance and acceptance of others and be of good service. Stand up for those who are under attack, make a stand against wrongful acts like racism, bullying, abuse, and hate.  And mostly be kind to each other and treat EVERYONE as you would like to be treated.

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