Katie is a social media rock star. Having now worked with her for several months, I am extremely impressed with her professionalism and level of exceptional results she delivers for my business. Social media tools might be easy to use but to be effective your business needs clear goals and smart strategies behind the tweets and posts. Katie delivers above and beyond every time, from brainstorming new approaches and to implementing action plans. My return on investment – and impact – has been fantastic, directly leading to more business leads and other results. Social media activities can be very personal and confidential, especially when building a personal brand. Katie is ethical, trustworthy and approaches every project with a high level of integrity. Plus she is just a blast to work with and a ton of fun! I wish I had had hired her sooner! She is easily one of the top vendors/partners I’ve ever worked with – even when I think back to when I worked in the corporate world at Microsoft.

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