Melinda Slater Slater Interior Design
“I have worked with Katie Kay with Virtually Savvy for several years now. She has been invaluable to me in helping me stay current on my website both from the standpoint of posting my current portfolio and testimonials and other updates, but also any issues with behind the scenes maintenance of my website. I had an email telling me my website was not secure and sent an email to Katie and within an hour the issue was resolved. She was able to jump in on work a past web developer had done for me and get my website back up and running. Plus…she’s fast, funny and enjoyable to work with. Katie Kay loves what she does and it shows! Cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Sierra Hill Books indie published romance author
“I’ve been working with Katie and Virtually Savvy for the last year and a half to improve the usability and maintenance of my business website, blog and various other social media marketing. Katie has been tremendously helpful, is fast and prompt to reply to my needs, provides hands-on serivce and gets the job done when I call her for both routine and impromptu tasks. I would highly recommend her Website and Blog Management, as well as Social Media Marketing Consulting services.”–S

Juli Bacon – JB Consulting Systems
(Vice-Chair Professional Women in Building Council at MBA)
“I had the opportunity to engage Katie as a speaker for the Professional Women in Building Council of Master Builders Association for a recent lunch event. Katie was our key note speaker and of course her topic was on making the most of social media. She did an outstanding job. She clearly knows her topic and she made her tips simple and easy to understand. In an age where technology has to be your friend it doesn’t always seem friendly. Katie helped us make peace with Social Media and made it seem fun and easy to manage. Well done Katie. I’m following you on Twitter for more tips. Juli Bacon, JB Consulting Systems, Vice-Chair Professional Women in Building Council”
Stephanie Rowland, Rowland Consulting
“Katie Kay is the best at what she does. She is passionate about her clients and making sure they are successful. Her ideas are trendsetting and her high energy and fun style are addicting! You want her smart mind thinking about your business; there’s no challenge she’s not willing to tackle. I highly recommend Katie for anyone looking to get an online business boost.”
Ophira Edut – Astrostyle & Astrotwins
“Katie is amazing to work with–she makes everything fun and easy and gets real results. Our numbers all increased with velocity and are still on the rise since we started working with Katie. An amazing resource and a great person!”


Whitney Keyes – Professor, Author of Propel: Five Ways to Amp Up Your Marketing and Accelerate Business, Strategist, Speaker
“Katie is a social media rock star. Having now worked with her for several months, I am extremely impressed with her professionalism and level of exceptional results she delivers for my business. Social media tools might be easy to use but to be effective your business needs clear goals and smart strategies behind the tweets and posts. Katie delivers above and beyond every time, from brainstorming new approaches and to implementing action plans. My return on investment – and impact – has been fantastic, directly leading to more business leads and other results.  Social media activities can be very personal and confidential, especially when building a personal brand. Katie is ethical, trustworthy and approaches every project with a high level of integrity. Plus she is just a blast to work with and a ton of fun! I wish I had had hired her sooner! She is easily one of the top vendors/partners I’ve ever worked with – even when I think back to when I worked in the corporate world at Microsoft.”

Maria Krey, CPA services including Independent Consulting, Accounting, Audit Assistance, Tax Preparation, Bookeeping

“I met Katie Kay at a Master Builders Association meeting, where I was impressed by her enthusiasm for helping others achieve their goals. Katie’s company, Virtually Savvy, is aptly named to describe the services she provides and her knowledge of online navigation. A session with Katie gave my social media confidence the boost I needed. Thank you, Katie!”

Sue Lundquist – Owner at I’m Thankful,LLC

“I have found Katie to be very professional, quick with results and even better was a consistent communication! I ask a question and I get an answer with quick professional turn around. Her proven skills, knowledge and trust are invaluable.”

Linda Enkema – Shutter Wonders

“I began working with Katie when I needed to add a shopping cart to my website. Little did I know that she would become my favorite computer wizard! She has solved numerous problems that arose at the relaunch of my site with a Word Press framework. I’m convinced that if I had worked with Katie from the beginning, my website would have had much smoother sailing. She is patient and personable. She is very skilled but also knows when to call in the help of other experts. She is a great problem solver and keeps deadlines. Katie did a fantastic Skype session with me, tackling a number of issues I was having. She is coaching me in the social media world, and I know there are good things to come there as well. Katie, you’re a life saver!”

John Lee – LeeCore Consulting

“Katie Kay is a very sharp and smart and helpful expert in the realm of Social Media Networks and Communication.  She has learned first hand the things that work/don’t work and so her knowledge is NOT theoretical or book learned – it is real world and effective! She works to learn about you first and then fit her expertise to your style – how utterly refreshing! Consequently, Katie shows off her clients well but is invisible to the public. She has come up the hard way and as such helps people who are getting adjusted to the new media formats! In a word, Katie is INVALUABLE!”

Amalia Martino – Blue Shoes Media 
and FemCity Seattle
“I’ve hired Katie Kay and Virtually Savvy numerous times to train both our staff and clients at BlueShoes Media. Above all, she’s a great teacher and communicator and I’ve seen improvements in how we execute social media projects as a result of her guidance. Katie is personable, reliable and always a positive force, not to mention an expert in her field.”

Debbie Hadnett – Sunshine Accounting

“Katie was very helpful in providing instructions and input on setting up my LinkedIn.”

Beckie McCann – Vintage Ambiance

“When I first started Vintage Ambiance, I had zero experience or knowledge about managing a website, or engaging in social networking.  Katie to the rescue!  She has done an outstanding job of teaching the ins and outs of going viral, has been extremely patient  during the learning process, and most importantly, has helped me gain the confidence that I need to try new things.  She’s a whiz at what she does, and with her as an asset, your business can’t be anything but successful!  Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!”

Gail Court – WFS Networks
& Pawsitive Points
“I have learned so much working with Katie @ Virtually Savvy. She has helped me tremendously with my websites and connecting my businesses in the social media space. What I appreciate about her most is her patience and willingness to let her client do as much or as little as they want. She shares information and gladly explains, even to the novice, what, why and how she is working your project. Katie is incredibly responsive to her client’s needs. I have never had any reservations about using her for my businesses or recommending her to others!”

Leah Natale – Leah Natale Jazz Vocalist

“I really enjoy working with Katie, she is a kind, teacher with tons of knowledge. Not only has she helped me with the technical side of my business she has helped me implement a businesses plan. I would highly recommend Katie Kay to anyone who wants to increase their business and learn more about the latest technical trends.”

Patricia Burgin – Seattle Coach

“I needed to polish up and coordinate my social media–that called for a person of integrity who also knew her way around Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Luckily I found Katie and she dug right in with me, anticipating my questions and demonstrating solid initiative. Hire this woman!”

Denise Marinacci – Flaunt-Inc

“Working with Katie Kay is easy. She’s very intuitive, readily got where I was going, and created a huge WOW with the final product. I’ve worked with her several times and will again on an upcoming project.”

Jenn Melland – Massage Envy Woodinville

“We have worked with Katie for over a year now and she has been amazing. She really knows her business and we depend on her to help us with all areas of our online marketing. She is not only Savvy, but so reliable, efficient and dependable. We consider her a true member our team and couldn’t do it without her!”  *The Team at Massage Envy Woodinville

Deborah Still – Deb Still Certified Mortgage Planner

“Katie Kay offers a most excellent and professional service! I’d be lost without her. She really helps keep me on top of all the social media platforms and does it with such flair:) I particularly like the idea she can now offer remote screen sharing capabilities which are HUGE! Katie is valuable part of my team. HIGHLY recommend her services.”

Maxine Nicklos – Maxine’s Floral & Gift

“I have been working with Katie at Virtually Savvy for about year now. And it’s amazing what that girl can do for your business. I’ve gotten so many new customers and people that just get reminded to come visit our store. It’s definitely added more cash flow. Not to mention I absolutely love her! Everyone needs someone like Katie to help market their business.”

Diane – Belle Provence

“Working with Katie is a joy – professional, patient, super competent and at the same time fun. She makes social media & tech learning easy & fun too. Results driven, she is determined to help our business grow – we thank our lucky stars she is part of our team. Katie, we love your enthusiasm, creative ideas and suggestions and your other-worldly smarts not to mention your commitment to helping Belle Provence grow, grow, grow & thrive! Do i recommend Katie Kay of Virtually Savvy? Absolutely!”

Evelyn Clark – The Corporate Storyteller

“Katie is a social media superstar! She’s fine-tuning my pages, which for an independent consultant is an enormous help. Her patient counsel has taken the mystery and confusion out of essential business tools that are constantly changing, and I highly recommend her.”

Jan Dwyer Bang – Boundless Results

“Katie – You are incredible!!!!! You are a social media expert with such a fabulous ability to teach and educate – You were patient, delightful, competent, enthusiastic, and absolutely the best! Thank you for the time you spent with me – I walked away with more than I could have imagined!! I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn social networking to hire Katie Kay!!!!!!”

Shona Brenner – SDB Style

“Katie, what a true joy using virtually savvy… thank you for the work that we have started with sdb style. I look forward to doing more business in the future. thank you, Shona Brenner sdb style.”

Wendy Smith – Divine Sunless Tan

“Katie, you are a breath of fresh air in the crazy social media whirlwind…so glad you came to my rescue and filled me in on where I need to be and continue to do so!!!”

Lisa Galvez – Be Well Massage

“Katie you are the best! In our first meeting you helped me with things that I have been trying to add for years in no time. Thank you. You are so patient with me, I am so computer challenged. I am going to have a website that is my hardest worker!! Thank you, Thank you.”

Kathy Hope – Hope Fitness

“Katie has helped me add value to my facebook pages by teaching me how! She is fun to work with, finds answers to my questions quickly, and presents it all in a simple and easy way to understand to continue on my own! I recommend Virtually Savvy with Katie Kay to everyone interested in bettering their businesses on the World Wide Web! Thank you Katie!”

Todd Waddell – Bountiful Home and Nursery

“Katie is very knowledgeable and patient…She’s an excelllent teacher and crafter in virtual artistry. Thanks for your sharing your tremdous knowledge and patience. I can’t wait for the the next step. Todd @ Bountiful Home and Nursery.”

Kim Berger – Kim Berger Creative

“I learned so much from Katie AND had a blast doing it!! She is one tech savvy chick!!! Kim”

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