Is your phone slow? Does it freeze, or does it all of the sudden say ‘out of memory’ when trying to snap that perfect photo for Instagram? Even if you are diligent about deleting photos and videos… do you empty the deleted folder? I completely forgot to do this and could not understand why ‘photos’ was still coming up as the largest storage folder on my iPhone. Emptied, good to go!

Two other culprits of storage-suck; Instagram and Snapchat! You wouldn’t think they would store data on your phone… they’re apps for crying out loud, but they do! So, you just need to delete both apps once in a awhile and then re-load them, you will see them disappear from your storage list, until you start using them again, of course.  Keep an eye on those apps in your storage folder and when they start to reach 500 MB or more delete them and re-upload.

Suggestion: upload the Google Drive app on your phone and transfer photos and videos you want to keep, there.

Happy snapping!


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