I finally made it to the Social Media Marketing World Conference in San Diego this year, woot!   What a whirl wind of information and people… I was exhausted by the end of the third day (hence the 3 days alone in gorgeous Santa Monica afterward).  But, enough about me…here’s what I learned 😉

I’m gonna slowroll my tips and information out to you so you can take time to digest each piece of info for the different platforms and, hopefully, integrate them into your social media strategy…and most importantly see if it works for you!

Grow Your List:  Hmmmmm… how do I say this.  JUST DO IT!  Here’s how.  Set-up a happy, snappy, pop-up opt-in on your website.  Make it simple, add a nice (or snarky) call-to-action, maybe a freebie… yes GIVE GIVE GIVE you will get it back two-fold, and make sure the X is obvious so people can shut-er-down!  Have the pop-up trigger when people leave the page or click a link.  Listen… it’s the way of the world, website pop-up/opt-ins are normal fare these days, again, just do it.

The advice I give most frequently is “your list is your best resource for return business, referrals and money!”.  I mean it’s all about money, people, am I right? If you said no, you need to STOP working and go live in Kenya where they pay you to live a sweet humble little life.  I digress. Back to email marketing. When someone gives you their biz card, emails you, hires you, fires you 🙁 or just says Hello! in an elevator… grab that email and add it to your excel spread sheet.  Update your email marketing platform with the newly updated excel and fire off an email blast!

Not sure what to write each time?  Oh come on, yes you do!!  Feature your latest work, book, a fab DIY idea, share your brother-in-laws stupid-ass joke, whatevs!  Don’t forget to send them to your website for something fantastic… again give. give. give. Or maybe you have an up-coming webinar, event or a new head shot you want to show off, just do it! xo



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