Where the heck has 2019 gone? It’s fall and I don’t even remember having a summer… do you? The days, weeks and months fly by and you wonder “How will I ever get it all done?”. This post will hopefully help.

Going into 2020 (that sounds bananas) using CMS software, posting dashboards, an online calendar scheduler and other automated and organizational tools… you CAN get it all done! Here are some tools I use, plus some that I don’t need, but encourage you to consider on the recommendation of clients and pro’s.


Social Media Marketing Posting:

Hootsuite – Manage multiple social media business accounts through one awesome dashboard. Create posts, schedule, interact and comment all in one place. My team has been using Hootsuite for 10+ years and we love it! I created a “team” account, added all of our clients sm pages, set up streams showing; my posts, scheduled posts, mentions, retweets and more… and all of us can view, edit and interact with all of the accounts and content. Check-out Hootsuite!


CMS (Content Management Sysytem):

monday.com – Plan. Organize. Track. In one visual, collaborative space. monday.com helps you manage your marketing campaigns, advertising, projects, deadlines, calendar, employee time-off, expenses, invoices, revenue and much more! Check-out monday.com!


Online Calendar Scheduler:

Calendly – Schedule meetings without the back and forth emails and phone calls. Calendly is my jam! It makes scheduling client calls, screen-share meetings and in-person meetings so easy… and it’s FREE! Build-out your meeting types, set days & times and then post your personalized calendar link on your contact us page and send out via email. Check-out mine; https://calendly.com/katie-kay and then build your own… on Calendly.com.


Graphic Design Creator:

Canva – Create beautiful graphics for social media, invitations, business cards, announcements and more, with Canva’s easy to use drag-and-drop feature and templates. Finding and using Canva has been awesome for me and my team! We can upload logos and photos, choose fonts and create branded graphics to use for clients and VS. Check-out Canva!

Cloudbased Collaboration:

Google Apps – An integrated suite of secure, cloud-native collaboration and productivity apps powered by Google. Includes Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, My Business and more.I mean… if you’re not using Google Drive, Docs, My Business and for most, gMail… well, I don’t even know what you’re doing! Haha, jk… but seriously, you and your team can access all your business goodies from absolutely anywhere! I have the apps on my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, literally every screen I use. Check-out Google Apps!

Remember… procrastination is the enemy, start using one of these tools today. Keep moving forward, you are awesome!

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