Have you ever visited a potential service providers website only to find some weird outdated design, old info, photos from the 90’s or just a crap load of weirdness. I have! Or, how about looking at that website on your phone… YIKES! no visible menu, no clickable phone number and the contact page has no secure form to fill in, UGH!

What that says to me about a company, in 2021, is that they are not keeping up with the times. So I ask myself, are they using the latest, greatest techniques and practices with the services the provide? Probably not, so I bounce.

Don’t let this be you and your company. Updating your website and keeping it up-to-date and properly maintained will bring new customers, help current customers and clients contact you in a jif and perhaps discover services they never knew you offered, WHA? yes, that happens! I can just hear them now; “I had no idea you offered monthly maintenance services!”.

If you have an outdated WordPress website you are especially at risk! WordPress is built with plugins that provide all the extra goodies to make your website awesome, and those plugins get updated by the developer and the plugin your website designer added to your website years ago is no longer current making it vulnerable for hackers (loser-buttheads) to slide in and load malware. Nobody wants that!

Virtually Savvy, aka Katie Kay, offers monthly (typically more often) website maintenance and fast, affordable updates to your content, galleries, forms and more. Let me know how I can help!

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