Phew… we made it! 2020 just about took us ALL down. Some have suffered more than others… and to those of you that lost a loved one to COVID, suffered job loss, sickness, financial difficulty or any other fallout due to the pandemic, my heart goes out to you. I am truly grateful that I am still working and healthy, and my husband is still employed and healthy, and our children are safe, healthy and thriving.

Life is different now… and anyone that thinks life will just automatically go back to the way it was before December 2019, and after we all get vaccinated, is living in “la la land”. We will never be the same! BLM, COVID, Government antics and all the other craptastic happenings in 2020, changed the way we live, forever. Some of 2020’s craziness will hopefully make change for the good and push us forward to an inclusive society and a kinder better, humane community. I know I will do my part to listen, support and learn how to do and be better.

Moving forward in 2021, it’s important to acknowledge the new norm in your business. Perhaps you have employees working from home, maybe business has decreased, you may have some products stacking up in the warehouse and/or countless other worrisome aspects… this too shall pass, so don’t let your online presence suffer. Here is what you need to be doing to ensure your online business presence stays fresh, gets found and works for you!

“Must-do” list to keep or make your online business presence awesome;
  • Keep your website updated (WP-plugins, add new services and products, add to your portfolio, add a cookie consent banner, OH! and change your footer copyright date to 2021)
  • Write and schedule blog posts (twice a month is optimal)
  • Post on social media (news, team updates, fun stuff, and send followers to your website/blog)
  • Keep your Google Business Listing updated (new hours, post content, post links to your website/blog)
  • Assess your service contracts and business overhead (perhaps it ‘s time to change your website hosting if it’s not serving you. I recently left GoDaddy for a local hosting company and I am encouraging all of my clients to move there too)
  • Clean-up your inbox! Un-subscribe from email lists you no longer need, want or read and subscribe to something new… ones that bring you joy, news, help, etc.
  • Last but not least, start a new business! You wouldn’t think so… but now is a great time! read more here>>>

Now… let’s all grab our laptops and improve our online business presence by updating our websites, doing more marketing, improving our search results… because YOUR business IS essential and the economy needs you to keep going!

xo, Katie

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