Anyone else feeling like UGH? I am so over this COVID pandemic! I feel like it’s been a year since we locked down. Summer and warm weather, the little bit we had, definitely helped my mood, but now we are heading into fall and winter, not my fav time of year. I pretty much hate Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb. I mean… I live in Seattle, it gets pretty BLEAK, weather wise that is. The lock down for me has not been a major adjustment in terms of work, I have run my business from home for 14+ years. But wait! All of the sudden my husband was ordered to work from home, ugh! We’ve been married 35 years and we get along fine, mainly because he would go off to work everyday, and I would take trips to Cali every few months. But now, he is here, and everywhere I am, ALL DAY, locked in this house, luckily I love my house, but we’re together 24/7. OH! and now our 34 year old son is back home. I mean… I love this kid, but he is a grown ass man livin’ all over my house, and all up in my business, somebody could end up dead, jk, don’t kill, it’s wrong.

AND the news, ugh, showing people partying and gathering and going to the beach… with NO masks! We’re never going to get rid of this virus. Why are people so stupid? WHY, WHY… I ask you? It’s not a political statement to not wear a mask, it’s absurd stupidity! I’ve seen the people interviewed that say “it’s my right to not wear a mask” I’m guessing, low IQ?!  This rant is actually making me feel better. Anyway… I’m over it, I need to travel, NOW!

And now for the helpful part of this post, ummmm finally Katie. ?  Here are some of the things I’m doing during “stay at home” and things you could try to keep you sane and maybe save the life of a family member during this pandemic!

    1. Explore YouTube – OMG! YT has everything! How-to’s, animal rescue, podcasts that use video, TedTalks, learn a new skill, recipes, exercise classes, yoga, therapy, and now they are adding their YT series. I could spend all day searching on YT, I love it!

    3. Audible Books – Ok so first of all… I have AirPods, THE best investment I’ve ever made! I now go through 4-6 books a month on Audible. I can listen while doing just about everything. I set my phone down 30 feet from where I am going to do my activity and I can listen cordlessly while I garden, do housework, putz in the yard, clean out a closet, puzzle, make dinner, and even while I work, if I’m not coding someone’s website, yikes!

    5. Podcasts – Again, I use AirPods… SO AWESOME! There are now so many different kinds of podcasts, I have no doubt you will find something you like. Business building, celebrities, serial killer stories, therapy, movie buffs, music maestros, advice, education and cool people (Dax), and the list goes on. Podcasts are available on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean, Overcast and more.

    7. Netflix, Prime, Hulu, HBOMax – There is soooo much to watch… but you need to be selective. Start a few different types of series. Mix it up… pop on and watch one episode of something. Choose a cool doc, like Zac Efron’s Down to Earth. Like MMA and boxing? I do! Tune in to Kingdom on Netflix with Frank Grillo, Jonathan Tucker (my fav guy in the show) and surprisingly good in it is Nick Jonas, who knew. Be sure and choose something light and funny, like EMMY award winning Schitt’s Creek, Parks & Rec or Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the cars alone get me stoked. How about some stand-up; I like Tom Segura. OH WAIT! Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, Amy and Chris, her Chef husband, turn up the ? on good eats, and she’s so damn funny and lovable, and there’s always a cocktail… just sayin’. OH hey, and there’s nothing like a good HGTV binge! My newest fav is Home Town with big Ben (lovable bear) and Erin from Laurel, Mississippi, so good!

    9. Music – OMG! a must… you have got to listen to music! I won’t even try and name artists, we all have our own loves. But listen, (pun inteneded) music is the flow, the chi, the rythum… of life! It makes you happy, makes you move, helps you remember, takes you away. Again, airpods… oh my goddess, they make listening to music FREE and flowy and a happy place. Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, they are all good. Pop on and make some playlists, go down that worm hole, it’s so fun and satisfying… get your groove on!

    11. Social Media –  People, you have got to limit your social media screen time! #1 – you can get sucked in and lose a few precious hours, #2 – there is pure crap on there, #3 – FOMO, listen, those people that are acting like everything is fine are dum dum’s, you don’t need to see that. When you need a little fix, get on the gram and follow some cool people and channels. Keep it fun, like thedodo, ladbible, cutest_goldens, happycatclub, better_days_animals, shityoushouldcareabout, foodnetwork, and of course chrissyteigen… LOVE YOU GIRL!

    13. Journal, Blog, Write  –  Listen guys, writing this post has been fun… I’m creating, being helpful, purging thoughts, venting, ranting, all good stuff! If you have a business website, you know you should be blogging, it helps you get found in search. I don’t do it nearly enough… don’t be like me, LOL. I have a journal app on my MAC that is password protected for personal thoughts and I use the notes app on my iPhone for to-do lists, grocery list, books to listen to, movies and series to watch… that’s writing, ha! Anyway, get your thoughts out yo’ head people, it’s a good thing.

    15. Drinking Alcohol – Calm down, I’m not gonna say don’t drink. Here’s what I’ve learned about drinking too much during stay at home… it increases depression and makes ya fat! It can make things seem much worse than they really are… or seem better than they really are. Let me explain… too much drink can help you forget ?? and too much drink can also make you remember that shit has hit the fan ?? SOOO like anything, moderation is key. Google a fun, delicious cocktail recipe for HH one day, have one, the next day make a mocktail but serve it in a pretty wine glass or a fancy highball glass. Buy good tequila (or your fav spirit) pour it over a large ball of ice and sip it slowly. My point? One drink to take the edge off, not every night, but not not every night, make it special, and then blow it out once a month and dance on the coffee table like no ones watching ??

    Well, that’s all have for ya today. Please stay safe and healthy by wearing a mask, washing your hands, don’t be a dum dum and go to large gatherings, stick to your pod or use safe social distancing to socialize. It’s hard, but it will be over sooner if we follow Dr. Fauci’s guidelines (not Potus’).

    xo – Katie

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