New Year, New Goals, New Business

New Year, New Goals, New Business

Ahhh the start of a new year… it can be exciting or it can be overwhelming.

For me, December tends to be a bit dark… and I don’t just mean the Seattle weather, ugh! I start to think about what I didn’t accomplish the past year, what I should have done, what I didn’t do. And then January 1st comes, and I miraculously snap out of it! Maybe some of you experience something similar?

New Year, New Goals, New Business

Let’s all (meaning me too) look at 2017 as an opportunity to do, to change, to be ______ (fill in the blank). I’m sure you have many personal things you would like to work on… see the kids more (or less) 😉 volunteer, eat healthier, walk more, take an amazing vacation, clean out that hoarder-lookin’ back bedroom… and so on. I wish you luck with all of that, I have a daunting list myself. However, I am here to help you plan and accomplish your business goals!

Here’s a few things to think about:

– When was the last time you updated your website (if you have one, if you don’t and you just heard a loud screeching… that was me screaming in horror)

– Have you been adding contacts to your email list, do you have an email list, do you have an email platform, Mailchimp is FREE

– Are you updating your LinkedIn profile, growing your connections, posting updates (LinkedIn is THE best biz platform)
Social Media platforms don don don (doom tone) have you picked 2-3 to ROCK ON

– Blogging… don don don (again, doom tone) are you writing about what you know and posting it on your website and sharing it out to the masses of people on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

– Is your email, gmail, outlook, or other server over crowded, acting wonky, not loaded on your phone, tablet or…

– Do you need a graphic designer, new website, branding expert, content writer… I know a guy and a bunch of girls!

Maybe you’re asking yourself; how does all of this help me get new and returning clients/customers. WELL… let me tell you how. You know Google right? Everybody Google’s everything! Stop and think about that. If everybody Google’s everything, where will new clients/customers find me? GOOGLE! Updating your website, pushing out content on social media, blogging, mapping your location or just claiming your business on Google, and even email marketing, gives you Google juice!
I for one LOVE Google. I google everything. What new Netflix series should I binge watch? (thats for real, I googled that)

OK, enough badgering, you get the gist!

2017 can be the year you do all of these things for your business, or just one of these things for your business… it’s all good. Here’s how I can help. Email me, I email you back, we chat on the phone, we prioritize, we strategize, we DO!

xo – Katie

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What The 2016 Election Taught Me

What The 2016 Election Taught Me

I have to say I was shocked when Donald Trump was elected. I actually slept through the whole thing because I was fairly certain Hill had it in the bag!  How could she NOT triumph over this pompous, bigoted, realty TV, orange man!

Well… it went another way now didn’t it?!  Honestly I was only a little bit shocked.  What I truly felt was sadness.  I woke up to my daughters texts saying, “mom, mama, mom where are you? I can’t believe this is happening, mom where are you? I’m getting drunk now mom, call me!”  I was asleep… I had only got 3 hours of sleep the night before, so I was in bed at 6:30pm and sound asleep by 7pm.  So my baby girls text messages were the first thing I saw Wednesday morning. I turned on the TV immediately to see Hill giving her concession speech… I got very teary.  Not because I was completely devoted to Hillary Clinton becoming our President but because we elected Agent Orange… a misogynistic, bigoted, swindler.

So this is what I learned:

I believe our country is not yet ready to elect a woman… sad as that is, it’s probably true!  I believe the electoral college is still ruled by a “good ol’ boys club” mentality. Our country is NOT as open-minded and liberal as we would like. I live in a big emerald colored bubble, I live in the Pacific Northwest where we are liberal, open-minded, tolerant, accepting of others and of course high on the ganja and happy to be, ha!

I worry about the future of my children, my children’s children, and their children in a government that is decided by a handful of stagnant, non-progressive, intolerant man puppets. FUCK THE PATRIARCHY!  I’ve learned that nothing is impossible, that the most unbelievable and unthinkable things can and will happen, and what really matters in our lives is how we react and what we do next when the unexpected and unbelievable does happen.

We need to continue to support our own beliefs and strive to educate others about diversity, kindness, tolerance, and unity. Take care of our community, reach out to those in need and respect the abundance of resources and freedom we enjoy. Be diligent in our tolerance and acceptance of others and be of good service. Stand up for those who are under attack, make a stand against wrongful acts like racism, bullying, abuse, and hate.  And mostly be kind to each other and treat EVERYONE as you would like to be treated.

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Socially Awkward? Or Not So Much! Maybe You’re An Ambivert…

Socially Awkward? Or Not So Much! Maybe You’re An Ambivert…

Relationships are hard!  Am I right? You have family, friends, clients, work friends, networking pal’s and most likely even more than that. How do we keep up… especially when we feel the need to have our faces tipped forward peering into our phones 24/7, that’s important to maintain. *FOMO anyone?

As I progress in age (nice way of saying getting old) I have become pretty selective of whom I spend my free time with.  I expend a lot of energy and brain power on clients everyday, and sometimes there’s just nothing left in the tank. However… when there is, I like to go out!  Drink some wine, cocktail it up at new cool place, and be with people I really enjoy and look forward to seeing… and of course people watch, I’m a curious girl!

Ever have that little tingle of anxiety creep in and start your tummy rumbling and your thoughts racing when you think about a meet-up you typed into your calendar a month or so ago with an old friend, a co-worker or some douche ya never liked in the first place, but keeps blowing up your phone, UGH! They’re the worst! Is it worth going? Alcohol helps, haha.  BUT maybe, just maybe, it’s a good exercise in character building. Stay with me here.

Here’s what I’ve learned about taking the meet-up, showing up, sucking it up and just going; most of the time I enjoy myself, it gets me out of my sweats and sleep shirt (I’m super purdy during the work day) and provides social interaction, information exchange (what are you watching?) biz ideas you’ve never thought of.  Ya see, I work alone all day, in front of a computer and I DO need adult interaction to keep my social skills sharp, wouldn’t want to turn into Ms. Socially Awkward (we all know one). New clients, networking, going to conferences, all need “Katie the extrovert” to show up.  Why am I writing about this? Recently I heard the term “introvert-extrovert” which referred to a new term, *ambivert, it’s a word… Google it!

Soooo, I have decided I am an ambivert (I think my daughter is too, shhh I’m not supposed to talk about her) and here’s why. I am socially cool, I can jump start a convo with a stranger, I can grab a mic and share my thoughts or blast out “Shoop” at Rockbox in front of a crowd. I feel fairly confident with my fashion choices and I can shimmy up on any group of people and feel comfortable saying “Hey!”. However, I find people annoying, I need “my space” a lot, I love working alone in my home office and I’m a book worm and a tech nerd… I also shrink away from groups when someone is over-powering everyone (don’t you just hate those people?). I LOVE wine o’clock alone, and it takes me forever to leave the house. Secretly I think it’s because I don’t want to be “on” most of the time.  I hope you learned a little something from my personality confession, maybe you can relate. Remember, there’s no one like you, don’t try to be like someone else, they’re already taken.

Fist bump your device if you’re a rad ambivert too!

*Someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion



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Social Media Marketing World 2016 – What I learned: Part 1 – Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing World 2016 – What I learned: Part 1 – Email Marketing

I finally made it to the Social Media Marketing World Conference in San Diego this year, woot!   What a whirl wind of information and people… I was exhausted by the end of the third day (hence the 3 days alone in gorgeous Santa Monica afterward).  But, enough about me…here’s what I learned 😉

I’m gonna slowroll my tips and information out to you so you can take time to digest each piece of info for the different platforms and, hopefully, integrate them into your social media strategy…and most importantly see if it works for you!

Grow Your List:  Hmmmmm… how do I say this.  JUST DO IT!  Here’s how.  Set-up a happy, snappy, pop-up opt-in on your website.  Make it simple, add a nice (or snarky) call-to-action, maybe a freebie… yes GIVE GIVE GIVE you will get it back two-fold, and make sure the X is obvious so people can shut-er-down!  Have the pop-up trigger when people leave the page or click a link.  Listen… it’s the way of the world, website pop-up/opt-ins are normal fare these days, again, just do it.

The advice I give most frequently is “your list is your best resource for return business, referrals and money!”.  I mean it’s all about money, people, am I right? If you said no, you need to STOP working and go live in Kenya where they pay you to live a sweet humble little life.  I digress. Back to email marketing. When someone gives you their biz card, emails you, hires you, fires you 🙁 or just says Hello! in an elevator… grab that email and add it to your excel spread sheet.  Update your email marketing platform with the newly updated excel and fire off an email blast!

Not sure what to write each time?  Oh come on, yes you do!!  Feature your latest work, book, a fab DIY idea, share your brother-in-laws stupid-ass joke, whatevs!  Don’t forget to send them to your website for something fantastic… again give. give. give. Or maybe you have an up-coming webinar, event or a new head shot you want to show off, just do it! xo



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