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Welcome to my new website!  After six years and many websites visited… I thought it was finally time to update my broken-ass website.  You know the saying “the cobbler’s children go unshod“?  That’s the case with my website, social media channels and blogging… VS is at the bottom of the list behind clients to get anything new.  BUT, here it is!  Well… sort of.  It’s a work in progress, like most websites!  Building a website yourself, while working long hours making my clients awesome! can be a bit spotty (british accent).  I do a little, forget it, do a little… have a glass of wine, do a little, oop’s! Well you get it!  Check back later to see more, amazing changes and cool shizz!

Meanwhile…if you are not familiar with Virtually Savvy & Katie Kay’s awesome work 😉 here’s a short and suhweet blurb!

Virtually Savvy specializes in social media marketing, WordPress (and other) website maintenance, blog management, email marketing and consulting. If your company is looking for an awesome online presence, look no further! The beauty of working with us is that you never, ever, ever, have to wonder if we’ve posted, updated or worked on your sites… it just happens (yes, we use magic). Even if you haven’t given us a lick of content, we figure out what to post and update… >>>more here


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