I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot lately… how lucky I am to wake up everyday and step into my home office (in yoga pants and Ugg slippers) and work for me! It’s awesome! Recently I was reminded about how truly unhappy I was working for someone else, when I heard the KOMO Seattle News question of the day, ‘what do employees waste the most time on during the day?’ the answer was ‘looking for a new job’. Been there, done that!

Miserable 85% of the time working for others, I still always gave 100% to every company I worked for. I found myself going above and beyond to help make someone else’s business successful with very little kudos and compensation coming my way. Most of the business owners I worked for had no idea what they were doing, used questionable practices and were horrible managers. UGH!

So I ask myself… “why didn’t I start my own business sooner?”. I will admit, it’s scary to leave that steady pay check and go out on your own, BUT, it is the best decision I ever made!

Here’s a few things I hope will encourage you and answer a few questions about stepping out on your own and launching your first start-up;

1) a good entrepreneur is self-motivated and has the ability to do what needs to be done without influence from others

2) you must be a good marketer; either by doing it yourself or out-sourcing

3) networking is essential; in-person is best, however online can work

4) good communication is key to sustaining clients and securing referrals

5) managing finances and excellent bookkeeping practices is a must (pay qrtrly taxes)

6) taking time annually to assess your business and incorporate any changes needed

7) hire help when you can afford it. you can’t do it all, and there will be tasks you just DON’T want to do

8) if you can… do what you love, something you’re passionate about (you’re very lucky if you can make money doing this)

Hope this helps! AND don’t forget, my new entrepreneurial friend, to make your web presence awesome!

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